Fully Funded Workshop

April 27-28, 2020 • ONLINE LIVE!

A -day workshop to help missionaries and ministry leaders like you
grow your donor base, raise more support, and get fully funded for 2020 and beyond.


2 Full Days Of Coaching, Implementation, And Actually Getting Things Done

Everything we do is intended to help you eliminate confusion, connect with new donors, and grow your financial support. You'll get more done in these two days than in six months of doing it on your own.


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Pete Witt

Pete & Sumari Witt

Missionaries in South Africa

"The one idea Mary shared on building a fundraising support team has taken us from 35% funded to over 80% funded ... in under 100 days! I was starting to wear down a bit in my own striving, God’s grace took over when I took action and implemented this idea."

We're Your Hosts, Mike Kim & Mary Valloni

We've helped hundreds of missionaries get fully funded and worked with some of the most highly regarded ministries and non-profits ––  including the American Cancer Society, the Special Olympics, and ministries like Catalyst and People Of The Second Chance.

Most of all, we love missionaries and ministry leaders and we're devoting these three days to work with you face-to-face to teach you the skills and strategy to get fully funded.

Every Year, Nearly 5,000 Missionaries Leave The Field (Unnecessarily) Because Support Has Dried Up. We Want To Fix That.

According to a study by the Larramore Christian Foundation, nearly 5,000 missionaries and ministry leaders leave the field every year. Part of the reason is because too many organizations teach their members old and outdated methods that keep you in "feast or famine" mode.

It's the year 2020. Can we really rely solely on face-to-face meetings, paper newsletters, itinerant speaking, and countless phone calls to stay top-of-mind with donors in today's distracted world? It's simply not how people communicate.

Chasing donations and hoping one-time donors become monthly supporters is stressful and unpredictable. These are a few reasons we're uniquely equipped and qualified to help you:

First, both of us work every single day in fundraising (Mary) and marketing (Mike). We know what's working on both fronts, and we have to be on top of things especially in the ever-changing landscape of online communication. You'll be working with a professional fundraiser and professional marketer –– and benefit from our unique insights.

Second, the framework, skills, and strategies we'll teach you are Biblical in that we believe in building relationships with people, not just hitting them up for money when times are desperate. Too many support-raising trainings just teach missionaries to "pound the pavement" and push aggressively for support.

Third, we consider ourselves to be "skill-builders" –– meaning the things you'll learn at this live training are skills you'll be able to carry with you for the rest of your time in ministry. Raising support is a skill, and the good news is that skills can be learned.

We've helped everyone from missionaries serving in closed nations, local church plants, and campus outreach. You'll get more done in these 3 days than you will in six months of doing it on your own. Make the wise decision to invest that time and get things right the first time.

Grow Your Donor Base & Get Fully Funded
April 27-28, 2020 • ONLINE LIVE!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have postponed our live conference in the fall of 2020 –– but we're not going to let that stop us! By popular demand we are going to host a BONUS virtual conference. Anyone who enrolls will also get FREE access to the live conference in the fall of 2020 in St. Louis (date TBD).

All times are listed in EASTERN TIME below:

(We are starting late morning Eastern time out of consideration for those on Pacific Time)

Monday, April 27

  • 11:00a - The Gaps In Support-Raising and the Bridges That Close Them
  • 11:30p - The 4 Essential Stories: Value Story, Founder Story, Vision Story, Transformation Story
  • 12:00p - Break for lunch
  • 1:00p - Big Idea, Story, Solution
  • 2:15p - Focus Your Vision
  • 3:30p - Mastermind & Testimonial Time
  • 5:00p - Dismiss

Tuesday, April 28

  • 11:00a - Enlist Your Support-Raising Team + Your “One” Sheet
  • 12:00p - Implementation Time
  • 1:00p - Break for lunch
  • 2:15p - Organize Your Ask: The 3 Invitations You Must Master
  • 3:30p - Writing A Winning Support Letter
  • 4:30p - Mastermind & Testimonial Time
  • 5:00p - Dismiss

How Much Is Unclear Strategy Costing You?

Make the wise choice to plan ahead, build your skills, and give your fundraising the attention it deserves. Join us for the ONLINE 2-DAY event (April 27-28, 2020) and you'll also get a FREE ticket to the LIVE conference in fall 2020 in St. Louis (date TBD).


$395 individual or $495 per couple
$295 individual or $395 per couple
  • Live Training with Mary, Mike, and Team
  • FINISHED Vision Statement
  • FINISHED Content Plan through 2021
  • FINISHED Execution Plan through 2021
  • FINISHED Support Letter + Email Campaigns
  • On-Site Execution of Q2 + Q3 Action Items

Fully Funded Live
April 27-28, 2020 • ONLINE LIVE!

Everything we do is intended to help you eliminate confusion, connect with new donors, and grow your financial support. You'll get more done in these three days than in six months of doing it on your own. We can't wait to see you ONLINE. Register below!

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